Re: Cocoa Beach January 2019 Shake 'N Take-Southern boxcar (272500-272999)


Hi Fenton, 

A partial end shot of Southern 272617 appears in Ferrell's "Slow Trains Down South, vol 1", p 269.
A photo of Southern 272993 in a train appears in Staufer's "B&O Power", p 138.
A builder's photo of Southern 272999 appears in the '43 Car Builders' Cyc; it's reprinted in TS CYC 17, p 139.
The roof of Southern 272999 is shown in an ad in the '43 Cyc; it's reprinted in TS CYC 75, p 401. This is a different picture from the one just mentioned.

How similar are these to Southern 272000-272499? I see they share an ORER listing.

Best regards,

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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