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Matt Herson



All but a very few NP 40’ AAR box cars were rebuilt with straight channel side sills starting mid 1950s and continuing until early mid 1960s.


Since cars were rebuilt over approximately 10 years they received different paint schemes. Many were repainted into later schemes.  In 1964-5 some cars were renumbered. If you have a specific modeling date can give you a run down.


Other post war AAR box cars received the straight channel side sill except for the last two orders which were built with the straight channel side sill.  The cars built with them had the channel extend from end of car to end of car.  The rebuilt cars had the channel extend from bolster to bolster.


Matt Herson


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Did all these '37 AAR cars get rebuilt with straight channel side sills?  If so, when?

There are at least two other photos on, but this one shows the details best.  When they were rebuilt, did they all get this paint scheme?  And, I believe other postwar cars got the channel side sills also.  I'd appreciate it if someone could enumerate the number series that got this treatment, and I can go from there.  I've already done one 15000 car from an Intermountain model, but at the time I missed the different door and the relocated door track.

Ron Merrick


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