If you are shopping for an Airbrush. . .

Bill Welch

Which Airbrush we may prefer is a very personal and individualized and much depends on how it feels in our hands—weight, balance, trigger action, etc.— and the kind or kinds of paint we are spraying and if we are spraying for overall coverage or for weathering or detailing.


I am a little embarrassed to say I am “airbrush poor” but the two I use the most are the Badger gravity feed 105 “Patriot” and siphon feed 155 “Anthem.” They are identical internally so all their parts are interchangeable including needles and tips or nozzles. I have the .3mm, .5mm and .7mm needle/nozzle combos. They have been reliable and all that is necessary in my case is a more skillful and practiced user.


The reason I am raising this subject is that Badger is currently having a sale with all of the airbrushes priced at $55 plus shipping and handling. There are some selected accessories also on sale that can be bundled with an AB.


The prices are very good I think and based on my personal experience Badger's service and customer support are excellent. I am not a stockowner, merely an enthusiastic Badger user trying to share info about a good sale. YMMV. Here is a link about the sale: http://www.badgerairbrush.com/Special_Offers_Domestic.asp


Bill Welch

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