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Tim O'Connor

The problem with the index is that it uses 50 year old technology, and the world has moved on.

Here's what we need - every magazine and model railroad book ever published put into readable (OCR)
PDF file format and then INDEXED using Google indexing software. I run Google Desktop (the final version
before it was discontinued) on my PC and it indexes every PDF file, every photo, every text and every email
that's been stored on my successive computers for the past 25 years. I can search them all in 5 seconds or

Unfortunately, the above won't happen until the copyrights have all expired - 75 years after publication. So right
now we're only up to 1944...

Tim O'Connor

On 1/6/2019 10:34 AM, Nelson Moyer wrote:

I tried a couple of searches for articles I know were published in Mainline Modeler, and the search hit on some key words but not others. Stock cars gave results, but CB&Q came up empty. On one of the hits, there were five pages of articles, but only the first page worked. Clicking NEXT brought up an error page. Pretty clunky index search functions! I wonder if the programmer actually tried the use this index to see if it worked.


Nelson Moyer


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Try this:

Steve Kay

Tim O'Connor
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