Re: decals on wood

Denny Anspach

By serendipity, I have had considerable  experience with decals on wood, and the bottom essential before decal-ling is to fill the wood grain  with paint, varnish, lacquer, or sanding sealer to the point that the surface can be lightly sanded to be smooth and “glossy”. Then, have at it. Decals have a truly difficult time settling into unfilled grain, no amount of applications of Walthers’ SolvaSet notwithstanding. 

 I have found that the woods commonly used for laser kits seem to have more open grain than the usual basswood.  I am currently in the process of finishing up several wood car kits so the subject is a hot one,.I will attach below a photo of a recent decal application on wood.  Ignore that it is a passenger car, but the point’s the same! 


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