Re: Yarmouth Model Works NP boxcar

Todd Sullivan

Nelson & Paul,

The weathering Paul used on his NP boxcar (beautiful model, BTW) is plausible.  My go-to for any weathering is photos of real freight cars, a technique that Tony Koester suggested to me probably 45 years ago when I was still doing 'generic' weathering.  Usually, I try to find a photo of the particular car I'm about to weather (RR, number series, time-frame), but lacking one, I use photos of similar cars in similar kinds of service.  The particular style of weathering that Paul used can occur when a car is parked, door open, in a situation where dust, dirt, water, etc. can flow off the roof and down the sides.  Not only will the top door guide protect the space beneath where the open door sits, but the door itself can shield the side.

Todd Sullivan.

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