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anthony wagner

Scott, I recently built a PRR G-26 version of this car for a PRR based layout a friend and I are building and an AAR version that will be lettered for P&LE. ECW produced two versions of this car differing in the side and ladder details. I checked my 1-1-50 ORER and found that SOU had two versions. 52000-52149 150 cars were 65'0" IL and 318000-318149 150 cars were 65'6" IL. NC&StL had 25 of the 65'6" IL cars in series 41000-41024 and L&N two groups 25000-25099 and 25100-25299 for a total of 299 of the 65'6" IL cars. I have no photos of the NC&StL car and the attached L&N car must have been from a series built later than 1950. I have included a photo of a PRR G-26 and an NYC car which closely followed the AAR design to illustrate the differences in the side stakes and side grab irons. Tony Wagner

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, 3:21:11 AM CST, Scott H. Haycock <shhaycock@...> wrote:

I'm going through my stash of old kits and trying to match them to prototypes.

The kit I'm researching is ECW #3010, AAR 70t Undec.

According to the instruction sheet of this kit, The Southern had a series of these cars, # 52000-52169, and the L&N had a series, #26000-26224. This L&N series is apparently ex- NC&StL, which the instruction sheet does not list as an original owner. The instructions are nebulous on whether the model is the Pennsy G26, or the AAR 70t car. 

  My Questions are:  Is this kit accurate for a SOU or L&N/NC&StL car?

Are there any photos online? I've checked the obvious sites with no results.

Are there any drawings of this car available, online or in the hobby magazines?

Scott Haycock 

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