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And still with the vertical brake shaft/ horizontal brake wheel! Many thanks Tim!
(I, too have a Precision Scale model, but the P&LE car and at first was confused by this brake detail arrangement.)


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The 623-G cars had 22 panels. Here is a 1962 photo.

Tim O'

On 1/20/2019 11:06 AM, mopacfirst wrote:
I'm going to change the subject of this tread slightly, and start a
different thread, both on 65' gons.

The NYC car shown above, exactly what is it?  Its caption identifies
it as NYC 726013, which is a lot 623-G according to the CASO
database.  It has jacking pads, but otherwise appears very similar in
design to many of the other 'AAR' 65' gons, in that it has 18 panels,
the slope of the fishbelly spans five panels, and all the ribs go to
the bottom of the car side.  The photo shows the A end, so it's not
obvious what brakewheel type it has.

But the diagram linked to the 623-G shows a car with 22 panels and a
vertical brakeshaft, which has more in common with the 587-G (P&LE
49000-49099).  The P&LE car has the reinforcing angle at the bottom of
the sides turned outward rather than the later practice of having this
angle turned inward.

So I'm really not sure which is which.  I have a Precision Scale model
of the lot 623-G which matches the 587-G, and at the time I found a
photo that confirmed that.  I believe it's the same photo that's
linked to the car number in the CASO database.

Ron Merrick

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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