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Larry Smith

It ended with the addition of the C&O for Progress herald in 1947.

Larry Smith.

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sometime around 1930 C&O began to paint the doors on some box cars black, but after WWII this has ended I have been told But I don't know the year. Can someone help out?

Based on ACF & Pullman-Standard paint specs and good builder photos for C&O box & auto cars, I can help to narrow the range to 3-years (8-37 to 10-40) when the change of door color took place. Perhaps others will be able to further narrow, such as a revision date on a paint & lettering drawing.

6500-6549 ACF, 6-34: black doors (paint specs)
6400-6499, P-S, 1-36: black doors (paint specs)
4500-4999, P-S, 11-36: black doors (paint specs)
5000-5499, GATC, 7-37/8-37: black doors (builder photos)
3000-3299, ACF, 10-40: metallic brown doors (paint specs)

Other ACF & P-S paint specs for box & auto cars built from 10-40 to 1956 denoted brown doors. 

However, the 8-37 to 10-40 range wasn’t the end of black doors on C&O box & auto cars as new cars built in 1957 and 1959 had black doors, as well as black sides & ends.
Ed Hawkins

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