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Ed, Larry, Ray,
many thanks for your valued input! Seems that a car with black doors could fairly easily be seen during the years I am modeling.
Many greetings
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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>>>sometime around 1930 C&O began to paint the doors on some box cars black, but after WWII 
>>>this has ended I have been told But I don't know the year. Can someone help out?
>>Based on ACF & Pullman-Standard paint specs and good builder photos for C&O box & auto cars, I can help to narrow the range to 3-years 
>>(8-37 to 10-40) when the change of door color took place. Perhaps others will be able to further narrow, such as a revision date...
>>6500-6549 ACF, 6-34: black doors (paint specs)
>>6400-6499, P-S, 1-36: black doors (paint specs)
>>4500-4999, P-S, 11-36: black doors (paint specs)
>>5000-5499, GATC, 7-37/8-37: black doors (builder photos)
>>3000-3299, ACF, 10-40: metallic brown doors (paint specs)
>>Other ACF & P-S paint specs for box & auto cars built from 10-40 to 1956 denoted brown doors. 
>>Ed Hawkins
Hi guys, 
Remember that the black doors wasn't just a C&O requirement, they were an AMC specification. Formed in late 1928, the Advisory Mechanical Committee jumped right into standardizing equipment across all of the Van Sweringen holdings, including the C&O, Erie, NKP, HV, MP, and PM. Some standards stuck, some didn't.
The black door "thng" was one that only ever partially stuck. It was apparently a real standard at one time across all of the AMC roads, but relatively few cars were ever delivered with them. Few photos of AMC cars in service with black doors have surfaced, and they disappeared completely by the end of WWII.
The first confirmed black doors were delivered in mid-1929 on Erie cars, and in 1930 on C&O. The last delivery on C&O cars seems to be in 1937, and the absolute last were in early 1940 on Erie cars.
I breezed through my AMC boxcar photos; below is a list of builder's photos, the cars, their build dates, and what color their doors were. Notice that there's little consistency; I'm not sure if that's because the railroads themselves couldn't make up their minds, or if there was bad communication and QA control between the railroads and the builders.
Erie 68000, 10/1928 (brown)
Erie 97250, 11/1928 (brown)
Erie 97500, 8/1929 (black)
NKP 22249, 10/1929 (black)
NKP 22449, 11/1929 (black)
Erie 75656, 2/1930 (black)
Erie 75893, 3/1930 (black)
PM 82450, 7/1930 (black)
C&O 8000, 8/1930 (black)
Erie 76173, 8/1930 (black)
PM 90991, 8/1930 (brown)
Erie 98199, 9/1930 (brown)
Erie 68199, 10/1930 (brown
Erie 98200, 6/1934 (black)
NKP 13026, 6/1934 (black)
C&O 7299, 7/1934 (brown)
Erie 68200, 7/1934 (black)
NKP 13399, 7/1934 (brown)
Erie 76949, 9/1934 (black)
Erie 96700, 7/1936 (black)
Erie 78249, 8/1936 (brown)
Erie 96900, 8/1936 (brown)
PM 86316, 9/1936 (in service, black)
PM 71294, 10/1936 (black)
PM 93162, 10/1936 (black)
PM 93368, 10/1936 (black)
C&O 4246, 11/1936 (black)
C&O 4891, 1/1937 (brown)
NKP 87000, 6/1937 (black)
NKP 87046, 6/1937 (black)
PM 89530, 6/1937 (in service, black)
C&O 5249, 7/1937 (brown)
C&O 5290, 7/1937 (black)
C&O 5400, 8/1937 (black)
C&O 9699, 6/1939 (brown)
Erie 78500, 1/1940 (brown)
Erie 79000, 2/1940 (black)
Erie 82525, 7/1940 (brown)
PM 83551, 2/1941 (brown)
Erie 80000, 3/1941 (brown)
Erie 65000, 3/1941 (brown)
NKP 20241, 3/1941 (brown)
Erie 97261, 5/1941 (brown)
C&O 10999, 6/1941 (brown)
Erie 97261, 9/1941 (brown)
NKP 16107, 9/1941 (brown)
PM 72197, 9/1941 (brown)
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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