Re: Modeling a Lever Hand Brake

Bruce Griffin


i originally posted the photos and these 500  gondolas were constructed in 1914 for the BR&P and transferred to the B& O in 1932. They stayed in revenue service when the last two were taken off the roster in 1954.  300 went to company service between 1948 and 1953. Bob Chapman wrote a modeling article for the B&O Modeler, The Sentinel, published by the BORRHS, has an article on the cars with multiple photos. 

Kits with all parts and decals were offered by the BORRHS in limited quantities but the basic kit is still available from Chad Boas and Mask Island produces decals for the various eras. It is a simple kit and well done with laser cut wood sides and ends.

Lucky for for me I have three B&O decorated Accurail USRA hoppers left unconstructed from a six pack produced many years ago and I have the needed parts.  Of the three I built I only used one casting as I built the other two with alternate brake parts that appeared in 40s and 50s era photos. I will try drilling out the center of the part and adding a brake staff down through to the ratchet that is cast into the end sill. In Bob’s article he used a brake wheel which I will probably do on one to reflect the photos available from the 40s and 50s. I will post photos here and on my blog when completed.  

Thank you all for the information and conversation.

Best Regards,
Bruce Griffin
Ashland, MD

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