Vallejo Paint Colors

Bruce Griffin


i am not trying to start another ongoing color war, but since I really enjoy airbrushing Vallejo paints with my Awata double action airbrush (I haven’t enjoyed airbrushing in the past), I thought I would offer two photos of my crude test strips. And yes I am a member of ASTM and I know how to do this the right way, this is a hobby and I want to relax and unwind.  

I am slowly collecting Vallejo browns and reds (there are two yellows for FGEX) to see what works for me for my freight cars (and cabooses). I think I included the product numbers on each to make it is easy to replicate.

The only help I think this can be for you is if you use the approximation that Floquil 10074 boxcar red is a super close match to Vallejo 71271, Model Air German Red Brown. From that you could make some assumptions about other colors.  Or not. The Vallejo line of railroad colors is limited but there seem to be many appropriate colors in their entire line of paints. 

I have no affiliation with any paint or airbrush company, just sharing my preferences and some information that some Freight Car Modelers might find helpful. Now I will duck for cover. 

Best Regards,
Bruce Griffin
Ashland, MD, near Cockeysville. 

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