Re: Sunshine UTLX X-3

Shawn Beckert

Ted Culotta asked:

Anybody out there attend the meet in Monrovia and
get their mitts on one of the X-3s? How are they?
Yes. Bought three of them. Martin had the tanks for
the two different cars out on display and they look
just fine. Took them home last night and eagerly
opened the box to take a look-see.

Ohmygosh....lotta parts! I read the directions:

"Build the underframe...." Gulp....after going over
the sheets a couple times and digesting things like
"2-inch angle iron" and "turnbuckles" I put everything
back in the box and closed the lid.

The finished cars that Martin had on display look
great, and I have no doubt the built-up kits will
be awesome, but I have to say that the directions are
downright intimidating! Those of you who are experienced
"resinators" will probably have no difficulty assembling
these cars, but neophytes like myself will have to swallow
a good dose of courage to begin the assembly process. Rest
assured that when the time comes I'll be directing plenty
of questions to the list as I attempt to put one of these
cars together!

FYI Martin brought plenty of these kits along with him, so
you Winterail and Pleasanton attendees will all get a chance
to get your hands on these cars. I'll be interested to hear
what other people think.

Shawn Beckert

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