Re: Vallejo Paint Colors

Ken Adams

Last year I did some experimentation on how to replicate SP box car red without an air brush. I found a combination of Tamiya Red Oxide primer from a spray can and a thin over wash of Vallejo Model Color 70.982 Cavalry Brown worked very well to replicate the elusive post world war 2 synthetic oxide red color.  My experiments can be found at and preceding blogs. 

I am extremely impressed with Vallejo model paints used along with the Tamiya spray can primers. They have eliminated my need for an air brush for nearly all applications. 

Unfortunately supply has become an issue. My local hobby shop cannot support the range of Vallejo paints in addition to TruColor ,Tamiya, and Scalecoat.  My best supply in the past has been War Games shops that also support war gamer figure modeling. Unfortunately these are getting rarer too. Hobby Lobby (ugh) carried the Vallejo model air and model color for a while but cut back and doubled the price recently.  The nearest war game supply is about 30 miles away.  The distance doesn't allow much more experimentation as does ordering over the internet.   

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