Re: Eastern Car Works 65' mill gondolas


Yes indeed.  Now that I have the ends securely attached, I can still get in to trim down the bolster from the end, after I do some test fitting of the coupler pockets.  I'm considering using shoe goo to set the couplers, since any screws would go right through the floor.  I normally use the Kadee 262 pockets now, which require trimming the top end flange flush.  May need a long-shank coupler also.

As in cases like this where the truck screws have very little engagement, I sometimes use a piece of Plastruct tubing to fit over the screw threads, to 'shim' the fit of the screws so that the trucks aren't loose.  I have some Walthers National B-1 on order, since those are one of the closest, and there's a photo in PRR color guide 2 showing  PRR 440805 with that truck (the 70-ton equivalent).

While I'm at it, there's another photo directly below that one (page 77) showing PRR 441043 with a truck having three springs visible at the outside edge of the spring pack.  It looks vaguely like the Kadee 1566 Barber S-2B, although that's not what it is.

Ron Merrick

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