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Douglas Harding

I agree with Ben's comments. I would add the roof pops off easily, unless someone glued it on. But even then a knife blade should pop it up.

The loads Ertl sold are plastic and add almost no weight. The cars without loads have a removable floor of a light gray color. The cars need weights and metal wheelsets. The trucks often need attention with the truck tuner tool.

Couplers are held in place with plastic pin set in the coupler box cover. The cover pries off, again if someone did not glue it in place.

These are nice cars

Doug Harding

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Bob Chaparro wrote::
"A few months ago I picked-up a new-in-box Ertl boxcar, a purchased based on the two dollar list price. This is the first Ertl car I have ever owned.

I just open the box to work over the car and noticed the box itself said "50' USRD Double Sheathed Boxcar". The car is a forty-foot car, so that seemed a bit strange."

An obvious typo. It's actually a pretty nice model of the 40 ft USRA DS boxcar.

"Upon further inspection it appears that the body is a one-piece casting. Ends, sides, roof and floor appear to be all one piece so adding weight may be a big problem.

My question is, am I missing something about how to open up the car body or is in indeed a one-piece casting?"

The roof is a separate piece and should pop off with little effort.

"And when I held the car I could tell it was under-weight. A check on the digital scale said it was 1.55 ounces. That's considerably under-weight."

These cars were marketed along with a line of boxcar loads mounted on false floors. The idea was modelers would buy the loads to go with the cars, pop off the roofs, and drop in the loads, which would make up some weight.

"Perhaps I should just resell the car, given all the criticisms I seen on this list about body and lettering inaccuracies for Ertl cars."

Seriously? The lettering is poorly researched (thanks, Hundman), but I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that the body is inaccurate. The grabs, while oversized, are easy to replace (as are the cast steel trucks); and adding weight, stripping, repainting, and relettering the model should be well within your skill set.

Ben Hom

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