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Scott H. Haycock

Harbor Freight has one for $7.99.

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Let me add one more thing to this conversation about airbrushing freight cars. As I stated I haven’t enjoyed this aspect of the hobby in the past. I watched a video on Trainmaster.TV about airbrushing and found one tool that made the whole process cleaner and easier for me, a spray out pot for $24. Iwata-Medea Universal Spray Out Pot

Any brand should work and it just replaces spraying out excess paint and running thinner through the air brush easier and cleaner versus spraying it into the booth or onto scrap material. That was enough to make it much more enjoyable to clean the airbrush or change the color.  I think having a gravity fed air brush helped as I can squeeze a few drops of paint into the cup and see its viscosity without removing the jar.  Taking Joe Fugate’s advice from the MRH PDF I now really like the squeeze bottles that Vallejo uses and you can buy separately for other paints.  Adds ease and cleanliness for me. I think that is another reason I enjoy the Vallejo products. Airbrushing even a small part now only takes ten minutes total. It is just a preference.  

Thanks for the positive response to my posts about paint colors.  I will post more as I buy more paints and add some colors from my stash of other brands.  

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