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Steve and Barb Hile

And, from the 1952 roster in the groups file section, 63055 had Type C heater coils to warm the oil for unloading.  The car was built, originally in 1916 or 17 with the heater coils and insulated jacket added in the 1920's.

Steve Hile

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Jack Burgess wrote:

As a side note, I am sure that the tank car in the B/W photo is a loaded tank car but YV rules mentioned that tank cars had to be at least one car from the locomotive or one car from the caboose. Maybe they didn’t think of Bunker C as being that flammable…

     You can safely extinguish a cigarette in Bunker C. The tank car, UTLX 63055, was a 6373-gallon tank. Just check the tariff!

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