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Scott H. Haycock

In the 1949-51 CBC, There is a photo and drawings of AT&SF Class GA-55 A.A.R. mill gons, and they have the jacking pads that are on the 3010 kit sides. Unfortunately the rest of the kits parts are from the PRR G26 kit, and are not from the A.A.R. design.

Scott Haycock
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I am curious if there is any prototype for the 3010 kit.  None of the gons discussed earlier in this topic appear to match.
Does anyone know such a prototype?  So far, I haven't found a match.

Edward Sutorik

That's exactly what I've been chasing.  One issue I see is the jacking pads, which other builders of this model have talked about removing.  Those appear on the NYC 623-G lot, which is a fairly different car, but I have not seen any on any other pictures of 20-panel 65' gons where the slope spans five panels.  The ECW model also has little molded parts (parts 15 and 16 on the instruction sheet) which represent the right and left end 'ladders' or grab irons mounted on an angle iron of some sort similar to the way a ladder would be built.  To me, that's one positive thing that distinguishes this model from the Athearn, which is much more available and much less work.  There are some prototypes that have separate grabs on the right end of the side, the SP G-70-2, 9 and 14 among them, so leaving off those parts and adding wire grabs would be easier than carving some off.

There are quite a number of other cars that have deep fishbelly sides but four or 2-1/2 panels on the slope, and quite a number of cars that have a shallower fishbelly and two panels on the slope, including unfortunately the MP prototypes which are the most interest to me.  I may look for other riveted side gons that could be sacrificed to allow splicing sides together, but the panel spacing might be an issue.  One never knows, if there is enough time and patience.

The Seaboard and Illinois Terminal cars shown in the Hendrickson article reference above have the same panel configuration as the model along with grab irons rather than the 'ladder', like the SP cars.  The L&N, Rock Island and Frisco cars shown, and some of the Southern, are also slightly off, having four panels on the slope.  I'm not concerned with top chord reinforcements, since those are easily added.

I'd do an ITC if I could figure out the decals, or an SP.  These cars could use the dimensional data in the Speedwitch set.

Ron Merrick

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