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Agreed on the Ertl boxcars. Since there weren't many of these left in near-original condition by 1958, I confined myself to just two: one SP&S and a somewhat modified GN car.

The flat cars are also excellent, essentially being a knock-off of the Tichy model. In a June 1993 RMJ article Richard Hendrickson said  the flat was good for several roads pretty much as-is (T&P, SP&S, NC&STL, CN and CP and some Lackawanna home-builts). He threw in SSW, but they were a bit longer. In correspondence on the old group I have on file Ben Hom suggested N&W.

The gondola is more problematic. I believe Richard found that it was only good as-is for one group of Maine Central cars. Add a fishbelly center sill on you can do one class from the ACL (Ertl offered the car lettered for ACL, but painted FCR instead of black). Do you have any other ideas? I have a couple stashed away that I will do something with someday.

I don't know about the Ertl cars' availability. The last time I saw some of the boxcars at a train show, there were a half-dozen used pieces (pretty banged up, and a couple missing roofs), and with a very high price. Since I can't justify any more of them in my collection, I passed. I would have grabbed the flats or gons.

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On 1/27/19 11:08 PM, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io wrote:
    I'm with you, Clark, and for the same reasons. The Ertl USRA double sheathed boxcar can be fund at bargain prices quite often and is a great model to clean up, repaint and reletter for any number of roads. I have at least two dozen of them around here, some of which have been upgraded in various ways and some of which are on the "to do" list. All are appreciated and the gondola is as well.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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