William Hirt

Stephen announced to those of us in Kansas City area last month he taken the position at ScaleTrains. There were a number of factors in his decision (some of which Joe Fugate highlighted in the discussion on the Model Railroad Hobbyist thread someone else posted). Stephen is excited for the opportunity and hopes to do some great things at ScaleTrains. He has done research and design work for most of the major manufacturers in the hobby, so he has a good solid background for his new position at ScaleTrains.

He originally was supposed to start in May, but over the last week I have heard that ScaleTrains has asked him to start in March. So how that affects RMC, I do not know. His layout is still up and is hosting an out of town operating group this coming weekend.

As to who will be taking over as the new editor of RMC, if anyone knows, it has been kept pretty quiet. I've heard some rumors, but nothing concrete. Stephen has built a substantial back log of articles for RMC, so the next editor will have enough material available to keep the magazine running as it currently is while they get their feet on the ground.

Bill Hirt

On 1/28/2019 8:56 AM, al_westerfield wrote:

To all - Had dinner with Wayne Wesolowski  yesterday.  He says Steven Priest is out as editor of RMC.  Has anyone heard anything? – Al W.


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