Re: new run BLI 6K tanks

Ian Cranstone

As Steve Hile has already noted, these were former Canadian Industries Limited cars (reporting mark CILX), which were absorbed into the fleet of UTLX's Canadian subsidiary Products Tank Line of Canada in 1957. In 1962, the company was renamed Procor Limited. In the 1955 tariff, you'll find these cars listed as CILX 130 series cars in the Canadian section.

Following transfer to the Products Tank Line of Canada in 1957, they were given UTLX reporting marks, paint schemes and numbers – and were essentially indistinguishable from other UTLX cars, except for the capacity being stencilled on the end of the car in Imperial, rather than U.S., gallons (the ratio is almost exactly 5 Imperial gallons to 6 U.S. gallons). Any cars repainted after the summer of 1962 would have had their corporate name stencilling ("UNION TANK CAR CO." changed to "PROCOR LIMITED", and later simply to "PROCOR", although the use of UTLX reporting marks continued until 1981, when Procor adopted PROX reporting marks (although these cars would have been long gone by then).

Given that the prototypes were built in Canada by Canadian Car & Foundry – with the actual tank subcontracted to the C.B. Co., as CC&F apparently did not have the ability to build welded pressure tanks at that time – they are probably not quite 100% accurate, although it would appear that CC&F was licence-building ACF frames for many years.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


On 2019-01-28 14:38, Dave Parker via Groups.Io wrote:

The 8113x numbers do not appear in the UTLX listings in either the 1936 or 1955 tariff books.  Steve Hile would know better but, based on his book, I am skeptical that UTLX ran this design (in a 6000-gal size) during our period.  Seems like a likely foobie.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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