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I saw Ertl’s samples at the hobby manufacturers’ show in Roaemont.  They actually had the gall to pass off a Storzek 1916 NYC DS box car as their USRA DS production sample! – Al Westerfield


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Here's the Tichy next to an Ertl.  Which one is which? :>)
I used Richard Hendrickson's June 1993 Railmodel Journal article and other bits of info pieced together.  For my era (1939) the Lackawanna is correct as were gone after the war. 
What I find puzzling about the SSW is that Richard said it was "41' 11" over the end sills", and that the NCStl and SP&S and Tichy car is "42' over the deck".  How discernible would that be?
RJ Dial
Burlingame, CA


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