Re: turntable bridge shipped to the construction site by rail?


In 1922 Southern Pacific replaced a 70' turntable in Ashland, Oregon with a 100' Pony Truss turntable built by the American Bridge Company. It was shipped to Ashland in 3 cars, MP 59472, IC 124386 and IC 128202. Checking my 1926 equipment register shows that the MP car was a 40' gondola, IC 124386 was a 40' drop bottom gon and 128202 was a 40' composite gon. Being a truss turntable likely allows shipping in cars other than flats. It was assembled on site and bolted over 6 days, riveting started on March 1 and was finished by the 13th. SP had at least two other similar tables, one at Roseburg, OR and Siskiyou, OR.
Mike Yoakum
Salem, ORĀ 

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