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I would agree with everything Bill says. Each editor does put their mark on their publication. I worked many years with Bill Schaumburg, he worked hard to recruit authors from other parts of the country, trying to downplay the NE bias many felt RMC had. Again an editor can only publish what is submitted to them. Carstens, unlike Kalmback, did not produce much in-house material. The operation was very dependent upon outside third party writers. But in the last years while owned by Carstens authors were not getting paid by Henry Carstens (Schaumburg had nothing to do with issuing checks). Not getting paid meant articles shopped showing up at RMC’s office, so yes there was very little to pass on to White River. No articles means no magazine. White River started paying authors, but stopped the practice of paying for product reviews. If you look at early issues under Priest you will see his name on a lot of articles and he began recruiting articles from people he knew, those in Kansas City and the Santa Fe community.


I’ve also known Steve Priest for some time. Last summer I asked about sending him some articles and he responded he would print anything I sent him. And for what it’s worth Joe Fugate has said the same when I’ve spoken with him. I just haven’t finished writing them.


So it’s up to us. If you want to see something in a publication, you need to write it, or find someone who can. And just so you know, and to keep this on freight car focus,  I recently wrote an article on M&StL refrigerator cars, prototype and modeling, that was published in the latest issue (#4 2018) of the North Western Lines, publication of the Chicago & North Western Historical Society.


Doug  Harding


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RMC has printed on a regular basis freight car drawings again (most beyond the time scope of this group). I know because I made several positive comments to Stephen about this returning to RMC.

As someone who has edited more than a few work and club monthly or quarterly publications, an editor can only print what they have (I can visualize other editor's heads nodding). They can make suggestions to folks about articles they would like to have to print, but that does not always bear fruit. Then there are some people who enjoy writing, figure out what is needed by a publication, and write articles that are regularly published that are based on their interests. The small editorial staffs these days do not have the time to write a lot of articles because they do more than just editorial duties now.

Many of the articles that White River received from Carstens had aged out (new techniques had surpassed what the article discussed/products used or described are no longer available/etc.), so they had to build rapidly a new article collection for the publication to fill the magazine. The next editor will be in better shape than when White River took over in that RMC has built a backlog of current articles that can be published.

Each editor places their own stamp on the article content of a publication, so I would expect some changes when the next editor takes over.

Bill Hirt

On 1/28/2019 7:56 PM, Dave Lawler wrote:

If someone takes over I hope they’ll make it more like the old (Carstens) RMC with more historical articles, scale drawings

and remember that there were railroads East of the Mississippi and also Canada. I just renewed for 2 more years. I hope that’s not lost.



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