Re: GM&O 4670

Tim O'Connor

Here's another ex-GM&N box car of the same type.

Tim O'Connor

This car is from GM&O 6400-6549 re-marked in 1940 from GM&N 6400-6549. Car #6740 in the photo was the last of the series listed in the ORER: listed solo in 4-1971 and gone by 1-1973 just after the GM&O was merged into the IC to form ICG. The original GM&N series was built 10-1934 AC&F, St Louis as Lot 1347, a modified  ARA Very late to be building standard gauge single-sheathed cars, but not the last for US service. That honor seems to go to SL-SF 152606-152752, 5 cars, built by SL-SF in 1939 or CB&Q 28000-28599, 600 cars. built  by CB&Q 1938-1939. Our friends up north built narrow gauge single sheathed cars for Newfoundland service as late as 1957.

40-6 8-9 9-4 3312
GM&N-GM&O 6400-6549

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 4:55 AM Benjamin Scanlon via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I seem to recall (vaguely) the GM&O had an 'equivalent' of the 1932 AAR box, but composite sided. Wondering if this car would be one ?
Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England

Tim O'Connor
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