Re: GM&O 4670

Eric Lombard

Ben, My database coughs up 639 single-sheathed series, new or renumbered, that are either spot on or an inch or so off from one or more inside dimensions of either ARA 1932, or AAR 1937, or as modified 1941, or AAR 1942 (50 ft car). Some are single door, some are double door, especially the 50 ft 1942 dimensions. I was surprised by the count!

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 2:14 PM Benjamin Scanlon via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Bill, I imagine this is one.

Have in my photo captions the 20000-20249 series were 1936 so I guess they 'anticipated' the 1937 AAR. 

Was the GM&O the only railroad with composite side knock-off versions of 1932 AAR, 1937 AAR and Modified 1937 AAR (War Emergency) boxcars? 
Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England

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