C&BT 12-panel box with 7-foot doors

Richard Townsend

A week or two ago someone asked about potential projects using the subject car. FWIW, I realized this weekend that I have one of these kits and have been saving it to approximate (?) a car from the D&RGW 65100-65199 series. These have 15'1" door openings and 5/5 dreadnaught ends. They are 10'8" IH. I am planning on replacing the ends with DA 5/5 ends and cobbling up the interesting double doors from doors contained in the P2K 50' double door box kit. Such a model might not be exact, but it would have the proper 5 panels to the right of the doors and 4 panels to the left. And now Champ is coming out with new D&RGW decals.

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