Re: Soo Line Wood Boxcars #100-444 / Accurail 7000 Series Kitbash #100-444

Andy Cich

The SOO Line Historical Society published a freight car book. It has a photo of 374 and WC 1584. WC 1500-1652, evens only, were “created” at the same time as the Soo 100-444.


The text says the rebuilds included AAR center sills, channel side sills, diagonal panel roofs, and power and brakes.


ORER data indicates these cars had 40’0” IL and 8’0” IH.


Andy Cich



From: <> On Behalf Of Sean Murphy
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12:37 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Soo Line Wood Boxcars #100-444 / Accurail 7000 Series Kitbash


Hi everyone,

I am looking for photos of Soo Line boxcars #100-444 which were rebuilds in 1950 that resemble the Accurail 7000 series wood boxcar. I am looking at doing a kitbash in HO to get it close to the real thing. Drawings, dimensions, and info would also help, too. I'm no Soo expert.

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