Out of Scope messages


Tim O’Conner writes:


“Aren't discussions critical of vendors' business practices (or consequences of their alleged negligence)
prohibited from the STMFC list?”

Yes. However, note the rule: Members are permitted to criticize or praise manufacturer's products free from criticism from other members. Criticism of a manufacturer's business practices is, however, not within the scope of the group. So, one might criticize a drawing but not the right of the drawer to make an error. As Tim says, “due diligence” or perhaps “the proof of the pudin’ is in the eatin’ or maybe “Beware of the drawer’s dawg” should be exercised.


And, I might note that the rules of the STMFC are very clear that messages MUST be about freight cars:

“ALL SUBJECTS OTHER THAN THOSE DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED WITH STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS ARE PROHIBITED FROM MEMBER MESSAGES. Thus, all admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or my representatives.” Meaning that all discussions critical of Hundman personally are out of scope.

Last, there have been several messages out of scope lately. The STMFC management has been preoccupied with Prototype Rails and has not responded as strongly as it should have. This is changing.

Mike Brock




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