Scrapers for flatcar loads

ron christensen

With some talk about scrapers I thought I would photograph a few of my collection. I think most are out of this time period. You can judge.
The manufacturer is marked on the photo, except the one marked img it is as follows;
The Euclid is a List Toy 1963, Bulldozer Is Lesney, 1/11 made in USA no other mark, these are close to N scale
UMEX too big for 1/87 probably to small for S scale
Lindaeo  close to O scale  (strange name had to look 3 times)
EKO is very close to 1/87
The Mercury and the Lesney 4 wheel tractor scraper are too small for 1.87 but too big for N scale i think
EKO and UMEX look like the AHM, Roco models or Mini Movers
Ron Christensen

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