Re: Decals for SFRD (Santa Fe) 50' reefers

charles slater

I would try and find an old Champ set on ebay as they have both the 40' and 50' maps. Just look for the train slogan you want.
Charlie Slater

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Decals for SFRD (Santa Fe) 50' reefers
I'm looking for a source for decals for SFRD (Santa Fe) 50' ice reefers in HO scale.  More specifically classes RR-10/17/22/26/30/31/37/42 and ideally in the straight-line map scheme used from late 1940 through mid-1947.  There were some differences in the maps applied to 40' cars vs. 50' cars and I'm attempting to locate lettering specific to the 50' cars.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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John Oseida
Oakville, ON

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