Re: Throwback Thursday: Westerfield


Like my friend Jerry, my first resin kit was the UP 50' box.  Only after I built and painted it did I realize it was way too old for what I was then planning.  So the car is still here, still sitting on the shelt, but it's built.  And it's still too old for my modeling era.

While I know there are lots of unbuilt stashes of these kits, one thing from my personal experience is that some people, myself specifically, bought cars that were really out of our era because we were so anxious to build anything that wasn't blue box level that we'd take whatever was available.  I've been eBay-ing some that I know are not right for me, while fishing others out of the stash and actually getting some of them built.  The Sunshine especially, since they're no longer available, are selling consistently, so somebody wants them even if they may only be transferring to a different stash.

Back to building -- I took a foreign assignment in 1986 and took some Westerfield kits with me.  That original resin was a problem, and I ended up breaking one car (side, roof, I don't remember) in half while I was struggling with it.  That one for sure was never finished.  I'm pretty sure one or two came back built, although I wasn't able to paint anything there.  I did break one USRA double-sheathed car side in half with small splinters, later when I was back home, and glued it back together such that you can't tell there was a break.  That one's still on the railroad.

Ron Merrick

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