Re: Throwback Thursday: Westerfield

Ken O'Brien

Doesn't matter if it's an old style NMRA member (vestie) or a plain old member (POM) at our local train club. We car builders are a small minority. My club has about 100 members now, with most members being retired guys "who had trains when they were kids" and now, 50-60 years later want to play with trains again. Great, we'll mentor you in the basics and if you want we'll show you how to  build a basic layout. We start out with great enthusiasm and a nice group of 10-12 guys. for a layout. In a month, we're down to 3-4 guys.

We do have a small minority of builders, maybe 5-6 guys, in the club. I have brought in current resin and plastic freight cars and offered to mentor other folks in construction, as have one or two other club members. Maybe 1 guy has expressed interest. .One of our members has a very extensive collection of freight car photos, which he has taken over the years, that he has been digitizing. He shows up occasionally with a flash drive full of his recent work and we hard core builders get razzed for watching "train porn". I remember the tan colored F&C cars (USRA DS box) and the metal filled Westerfield cars. And they actually fit my 1953 modeling time frame. I'm slowly getting them done.

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