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Have you checked out Joe Fugate's MRH Guide to Acrylic Painting? If you are a registered (free!) member of the MRH website (which also subscribes you to MRH Magazine) the book is a free download from 

There is a whole chapter on thinner formulas and his recommendations for ratios. 

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Quite  by coincidence, I purchased my first paint bottles today, flat black Model Master.  The hobby shop didn’t stock mrr colors.  I had to give away all my Floqui, the only product I ever used,  when we moved to Tucson.  The moving company wouldn’t carry it.  So I have a few questions.  Is the 2:1 ratio of paint to thinner as recommended on the bottle for air brushing accurate?  What solvent is best for cleaning the air brush?  Freight car content: I’m painting 6 undec Train Miniature hopper cars.  Thanks for any help. – Al Westerfield


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