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Hello Al & All.  In 2014 I went thru the Westerfield price list and counted all the variations of Kits that could be made.  I came up with 964 Kit separate variations.
Since them I have discontinued some and added some Kits so I would guess the number of variations to be between 950 and 1000 still available.

Andrew Dahm

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No, I never did.  I was too busy making them.  Likewise, I have no idea of how many kits I assembled for instructions and ads.  Someday, someone else will count them.  However, they will be wrong, because virtually every car has different lettering on the second side.  Some kits had their lettering removed for new lettering when I had no time to build new roadname cars.  And finally, one hopper car has two physically different sides.  It’s not even square.  Nor did I ever count how many different kits I offered, but I think it was well over 450.  I often said I would have to build a point-to-loop layout so I could send a train out and a different one would come back.


I only have 6 cars left, the first four offered and the 10th and 25th anniversary cars.  The rest went to Andrew Dahm when he bought the business.  I also have the first kit from the first production run of each of these 6. - Al Westerfield


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From: Tim O'Connor
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Al, did you ever tally the total production of kits you sold over the years?

Tim O'

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The first of 29 years of monthly ads.  Believe it or not, I still ran into people at train shows that had never heard of us. – Al Westerfield


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From: Benjamin Hom
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Throwback Thursday: Westerfield


Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1982 issue, ad for the first four offerings from Westerfield.



Ben Hom



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Tim O'Connor
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