Re: Eastern Car Works 65' mill gondolas


Progress --

I painted the finished G26 yesterday.  Had a major brain-dead moment.  Before the pieces were assembled, I painted the inside surfaces with a sort of rust and black mixture.  While I'd painted the underframe black, I ended up putting so much lead under there that the paint, and the brake gear, was a lost cause.  Still, I got it up to 4.2 oz.  Got the car completely assembled, carefully gluing it so the ends were still moveable, and added wire grabs.  I used .030 x .060 for the spacers that some of the grabs were attached to.  Trimmed the grabs on the ID and filed the sharp edges so the ends still moved;  actually they kind of latch with the grab ends that penetrate the end frame.  So I masked the inside sides to protect the grungy paint, and blasted it with PRR freight car color.

Oops, didn't mask the floor.  Saw that just as I'd hit it with paint.  Now the floor is shiny red, or the middle six feet of it anyway.  So this morning I re-masked and at least tried  to cover that with the rusty car ID mixture.  It looks ok, but not what I originally set out to do.

Now just waiting for decals.

Ron Merrick

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