Re: 1942 Miner Hand Brake in HO


George: thank you for pointing to this!

Ed Hawkins and I have been discussing a potential point of confusion regarding how the appliance kit is labeled. The confusion relates to the combination of Miner 1942-era design hand brake and brake wheel. (Both of which, are accurate in our model of the 1960-built Pullman-Standard H39.) But, the style of brake wheel is not accurate for 1942-era applications. It may be more accurate to state that it is a 1960s era appliance kit for the Miner 1942-era design handbrake.

A detail exegesis of hand brakes is covered in a 59-page article in RP CYC volume 10. Of course, I would invite anyone who is interested to read more about these details there.

Ed invited me to point to this fact given that this is a steam era list and the product is labeled 'Miner 1942 Handbrake and Appliance Kit'. I will also be making an amendment to the copy of our website so that we don't invite confusion.

Let us rejoice that the hobby is in a place where these kind of precise distinctions are being made!

My best,

Blaine Hadfield
Arrowhead Models

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