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Its that great adult undergarment answer, it depends.  There were a lot of unit moves to training, unit movements for deployments overseas not so much.  But there were also deliveries of replacement vehicles that moved as individual or small shipments, especially to smaller installations.  Sometimes cars in unit moves got bad ordered and moved alone after repair.  

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On Sunday, February 3, 2019, 3:14:56 PM EST, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io <prrk41361@...> wrote:

Years ago after seeing a photo of military truck load in either the RPC article on loads or in an article, I picked up a Roco Minitanks M35 to create a load.

Now after thinking about the August 1957 era I Model I’m wondering if a single M35 on a flatcar would be a common load.  Did military loads commonly move in singles/separate moves in my era.

I wasn’t around then so hoping for advice.

Brian J. Carlson

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