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Dave Owens

The USAX/DODX cars were built for the Army because the Patton tank family was too heavy for standard railroad flats. The cars operated into the early 90s and some can still be found in MOW service on Amtrak. I caught one a few years ago along the New Haven to  Springfield line in Hartford, Conn.

Jim Eager moved the bolsters on the cars. As built by Roco, they are a little off. Otherwise, the Roco car is a very nice match for the Magor USAX/DODX 38000 series car.

I have about 70 of these cars I've modified and operate as a unit train. It's out of the steam era,, though.

Also, all the references I have seen indicate these cars were painted green.

Here's one that has been restored to its original paint scheme at the Age of  Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

John Frantz, the proprietor of  Mount  Vernon  Shops decals, helped with the  lettering on this  car.

Dave Owens
West Hartford, Conn.

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Of course if the tank was too early for your era, could you model one going to the scrap yard?


Allen Cain


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