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Richard Townsend

It might be a little misleading to think of the prototypes for the Roco model of the USAX 38000 series as a 60's era car. The prototypes were built in 1953, but of course they were around in the 60's, too. They first appeared in the October 1952 ORER (I understand that sometimes cars appeared in the ORER before they actually were delivered).

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In most cases they load a car to something like its capacity in either length of weight. Many armored vehicles were heavy enough to require either “single” loading or a vary heavy duty flatcar (100-tons plus). An ordinary truck, like an M-35 “Deuce and a Half”, could easily be loaded two to a car.

Of course, it they only had one to ship, it’d be on one car.

Today the Dept of Defense (DODX) has a lot of very heavy 6-axle flatcars. These routinely carry two M-1 Abrams tanks (which weigh around 70 tons each, so that’s 140 tons per car).

In WWII an M4 Sherman tank only weighed about 32 tons, so two could be carried on one 70-ton flatcar.

I just finished doing an HO model of an M-48 Patton tank (~55 tons) on an older U.S. Army 6-axle flat. The car has a 100 ton capacity.

Just FYI. The old ROCO 6-axle flats are BOTH 1960’s vintage U.S. Army prototypes. The regular flatcar was for general use. The depressed-center flat is the transport carrier for the M-103 Heavy Tank (though it may well have been used for other things too).

Dan Mitchell

> On Feb 3, 2019, at 3:14 PM, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io <> wrote:
> Years ago after seeing a photo of military truck load in either the RPC article on loads or in an article, I picked up a Roco Minitanks M35 to create a load.
> Now after thinking about the August 1957 era I Model I’m wondering if a single M35 on a flatcar would be a common load.  Did military loads commonly move in singles/separate moves in my era.
> I wasn’t around then so hoping for advice.
> Brian J. Carlson

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