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Quite a bit of military railroad equipment was distributed to museums across the country when declared surplus. Attached is what I remember as an ex-military car at the California State Railroad Museum shortly after delivery about 15 years ago. They had another ex-military flat car attached to this one, but it wasn't in a position that allowed photos. Also there that day was an ex-Air Force 40' PS-1 boxcar.

The second photo shows an older ex-military flat car still used in MW service on the Shenandoah Valley Railroad.

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If I am not mistaken I saw a couple of the 1953 era cars in back of the AMTRAK ex PRR shop back in 2005 when I was there to take photos for a client.   I believe the car was lettered for AMTRAK and used to haul locomotive components between shops but I haven’t thought about the day for over a decade and could have some of the details wrong.

Charlie Vlk


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