Re: Military loads.

Ken Adams

Off topic because it is current rather than steam era. This is an almost model like drone view of a current day military rail move descending Cuesta grade into San Luis Obispo. Fascinating and also why many choose to model this area.

I spent 19 months in the 3rd Armored Division in Germany 1967-69. As a result I would not consider myself very pro-military but I will model military subjects when I feel they are of historical importance and related to my theoretical layout needs.

Steam Era Content

This is an Accurail 36 foot boxcar reworked to match the actual car now in the Western Railway Museum collection in Rio Vista California. It has been "restored" to D&RGW paint scheme it carried before the US Navy bought the car in 1944 to replace equipment destroyed in the July 1944 explosion that leveled the Port Chicago (California) navy docks and surrounding area.

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