Re: Military loads.


If your era and/or location "justifies" military loads, one thing to be careful of is the"distribution" of military equipment. During WWII, for every Sherman tank manufactured, ten "Deuce and a Half" 6x6 (type CCKW) trucks were manufactured. In today's army, I believe the ratio of "Tactical" vehicles (generally vehicles with tires) to "Combat" vehicles (generally vehicles with tracks), is over ten to one, and that was also true in WWII. I have not investigated other periods, but I suspect the ratio was about the same.

Unfortunately I determine this after accumulating a bunch of Roco Sherman tanks and tank destroyers for use as WWII loads. Roco did offer the CCKW trucks in several styles. But there are big model gaps - for every Sherman built, three 1.5 ton 4X4 type G506 trucks were built (looks like a '41 Chevy bed truck), and four higher capacity 6x6 trucks were built for every Sherman (Corbitt/Brockway/Reo up to 6 tons - Roco made one of these, but they are rare.)

This highlights the folly of modeling WWII traffic from pictures - pictures exist of strings of Sherman and Lee tanks, Higgins boats, half-tracks, etc. but the US was producing 500 2.5 ton 6x6 trucks and 150 1.5 ton 4x4 trucks - every day - They weren't driven to the ports - why no photos of strings of those loads? Probably because they were too common (and they didn't look military enough?)...

Dave Evans

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