Re: Military loads.



Totally agree - but I have omitted smaller trucks from this - Perhaps a deuce and a half would fit in an auto box car - but two at most, and it would be a huge waste of time - better to hoist 6x6's straight off the flat and into a liberty ship. I believe almost all jeeps shipped for export were shipped crated - the Jeep's were famous for how quickly they could be field assembled (they were the leading vehicle built - about 640,000 of them. Yet total 6x6's surpassed the Jeep total by over 100,000 vehicles - and they were't crated.)

A significant number of 3/4 ton vehicles were also built, and years ago I believe someone on this group provided a link to photos in a Canadian archive of gons being loaded (in the snow) with crates labeled Dodge and Chevrolet - the crates are two big to be the famous 1/4 ton "Willy's jeep - perhaps they were 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks (over 200,000 built.)

Dave Evans

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