Re: Military loads.


Not faulty Dan - I was specific about export moves - there are WWII photos of strings of brand new tanks (Sherman and Lee), half tracks, and Higgins boats headed for the ports. This equipment was not assigned and distributed to units as they trained in the US - they typically trained on older and near-obsolete, and near-worn out equipment. I have lots of pictures of Unit moves as troop trains with their assigned distribution of equipment. I suspect during WWII those movements were a fraction of the export traffic.

When factories were producing 850 4x4 and 6x6 trucks every day (just for US use), probably 90% went direct for export - straight to east coast and west coast ports, I suspect there were some solid strings of them. Life has one such photo in its collection somewhere out west. One... I have seen a photo of a solid string of half-tracks in mint condition - at least one-half of the average daily production of half-tracks. I am merely pointing out that photographs for the era of this list - at least into the early 50's, were an expensive hobby, and people did not waste film on what they saw everyday. They photographed the unusual. Even with "free" film in digital cameras, that still happens today (I suspect that photos of the NS heritage fleet may approach the number of photos of NS locomotives in the regular paint scheme...)

I am merely pointing out that the same debate about freight car distribution (e.g everyone modeling through WWII needs at least one PRR X-29) applies to military vehicles for at least WWII.

As for me, I probably need to sell some Shermans, and especially tank "destroyers" (only 8,000 built), and find a lot of models to represent the 200,000 6x6's of 4 or more tons (so bigger than the infamous CCKW deuce and a half...)

Dave Evans

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