Re: Military loads.

Bill McClure

The esteemed Ben Hom wrote:
Remember the underlying purpose of most of these wartime photos - it's far more impressive to show photos of tanks than trucks.  Logistics never gets any respect, but always remember that amateurs talk tactics, professionals discuss logistics.

To his point, I had the pleasure of hunting with Gen. Swartzkopf in the mid-1990s and over an adult beverage he told our group that the key to the Gulf War success was the Brigadier General who ran his logistics. Forgotten his name, but every morning he held a standing staff meeting wherein decision items had to be on a 3x5 card. He would run through the deck of cards in minutes and the force kept moving forward.

By way of freight car content, I can only say in 60 years at this I have no idea how many kits of all stripes I have built, and I have a stash of 20 or so resin kits in line. I have never posted, but I am a loyal lurker.
Bill McClure

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