Re: CN 8 Hatch reefer question.

Ian Cranstone

Scott, here’s a photo of a car from this group taken in 1965, which hopefully will answer your question. Aside from the paint scheme, it doesn’t look like this car has changed much over the yeras.

Ian Cranstone

Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


On Feb 5, 2019, at 9:21 AM, Scott <repairman87@...> wrote:

I am building the Funaro 8 hatch reefer (slowly).  It is going to be a 6-series with car numbers 210300-210599.  Does anybody know what kind of stirrup should be under the ladder on the car sides?  The drawing in the instructions looks like a straight stirrup with the top spread a little more.  I found a picture of a 5 series and it looks like a double angled stirrup but not 100% because of poor picture quality.  It appears to mount to the bottom of the car.  Does anybody have a definite answer?

Scott McDonald

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