Update from Speedwitch

Ted Culotta

Sorry for the email blast… just sending out an update.

I am finished with the marathon four week stretch that included Prototype Rails, Springfield, and Timomium. I have a few small new items as well as some quantities of items that are leftovers from the three-event spree (and that have also been out of stock for awhile in some cases). Here are the items:

Also, effective March 1, most of the older decal sets in the line (sets D100 through D191) will see a price increase of at least $1.00 per set. I haven’t raised prices on the vast, vast majority of sets since they were introduced and everything costs more, including instruction sheets, zip bags, mailers, as well as decal printing itself. So, you have a few weeks to order at the old prices.

I am at work on Prototype Railroad Modeling, Volume Five as well as a few new kits. I expect to have all of them out in the first half of the year as I will “find” an extra four hours or so per day in a couple weeks.

For those of you who like to download pics from eBay (or even bid on them!) I have a group of 8x10s listed. You can see them via this link (eBay seller tculotta).

Thanks very much.



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