Vallejo Black Paints

Bruce Griffin


As I continue to pick up Vallejo colors cheap on Amazon, I wanted to offer this comparison.  I used NATO Black on a bridge and gondola with good results. It seemed a little light for a diesel B&O roof in my era and I need to respray some after some detailing. I got Model Air Black today and it does appear a bit darker with slightly more sheen.  That’s what I was looking for, so I will mask off the roofs and give it a shot. I added it to my test strip with photos attached.

Direct overhead there seemed little difference but to the eye they look different. I photographed them at an angle to show some reflection and the difference looks a little more pronounced. I was teaching a CC class Monday might and the students were measuring light and using some reflective surfaces to simulate glare from a screen. It got me thinking about how we view colors and how reflection plays a part. Thus the angled shot with light source behind. I hope this helps your modeling of freight cars. 

Best Regards,
Bruce Griffin

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